Sioux Valley Co-op Federal Credit Union is a federally chartered credit union that provides services to its existing and future members, as defined by the field of membership. SVCFCU’s goal is to encourage and promote financial services that enhance each member’s individual circumstance.

Anyone having credit at Sioux Valley Co-op / Cenex toward a share of stock, employees of Terex-Telelect, Inc. working in Watertown; employees of ANZA, Inc, Wurth Electronics/MIDCOM, Persona, SD Partner's Inc, OEM, Dakota Bodies, Inc., Twin City Die Castings Company, Superior Homes, Watertown Transit, B & G Welding, employees of Codington County, as well as any members of current members’ immediate families. If you or someone you know would like to become a member-owner of our financial cooperative, come see us at our office or give us a call.


     Term     -     Rate     

12 Months - 2.25% APY

18 Months - 2.35% APY

24 Months - 2.45% APY

30 Months - 2.55% APY

36 Months - 2.65% APY

Contact Credit Union for more details.

Rates subject to change at anytime.